Who We Are

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Who We Are

Yuva is a registered NGO since 2011.

YUVA is a team of youngsters who have joined their hands and come forward to help the poor, underprivileged, oppressed or not self sufficient – physically or mentally.

Team YUVA comes from every walk of life like corporate world, media houses, entrepreneurs, business, socialists, students, retired personnel, politician, intellectuals, advisors etc. Where at one hand, everyone is just interested or focused in ‘me’, ‘my family’, ‘my dreams’ and only following his/her aspirations, no one have time to think for ‘others’, for ‘society’, for ‘nation’. YUVA is a team of “young at heart” individuals, who opted to rejuvenate together to render their share of social responsibility.

YUVA is a team of those youngsters who understands that besides working towards self aspirations and enrichment, this is our duty to serve that community of our society. YUVA is a team who is aware of the problems of current time like corruption, unemployment, population, bad roads & traffic, basic facilities for public etc. but besides just talking about these problems YUVA Indian’s have decided to come forward and at least try to contribute towards these issues so that our city and country can be a best place to live in. YUVA firmly believes that ‘Change begins with ‘YOU’; hence we wish to join hands with youngsters who will shape up the future of the nation.