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Ajay Pratap Singh Chauhan

Ajay is the founder & chairman of the yuva welfare & cultural society. He is a qualified professional and after recieving a management degree (MBA), he has worked for various national and multinational organizations. After 15 years of work experience at different companies, he denied to live the same life everyday and resigned from the capacity of Vice President of a rennowed MNC and started leading his life as per his passion & inclination towards the social entreprenurship.

During his professional life, Ajay has been regurarly engaged into social welfare programme and was extending every possible support to those who were not self satisfied,deprived, oppressed, orphans & less privileged. He has also inspired many youngsters & channelise them to render their share of social responsibilities & have got the “YUVA” NGO registered in the year 2011. He has devlopded a concept that has inspired many youngsters that – work 6 days a week for your dreams, and take out 1 day (few hours ) for the welfare of the society. Today he has almost 1500+ volunteers who has joined this mission.

Now Ajay has left his lucrative full time job with MNC and the promising career & personal growth and devoting his full time in social services. Besides “YUVA” he has also served the Indore public by creating a platform of KUNWAR which has created significant awareness in traffic management system.

Vivek Khare

Mr.Vivek Khare is a visionary personality who is always determined to serve our society. On educational front he is a management graduate with 15yrs+ experience and has managed finance sector throughout. He is well versed with Indian and multinational corporate culture as he was associated with HSBC,CITI, ICICI ,BAJAJ and TATA. During his tenure with these brands he was known for his positive attitude , team spirit & leadership skills.

His experience , knowledge and integrity makes him a person with strong values. After serving corporate world for long time vivek genuinely feels that our society needs young generation who will share their learnings and experience.

Vivek is all set to serve the society with his strong network of corporate community. He is motivated and hopeful in making his life more meaningful by promising himself towards our society & nation.

Director-Events Purnima Singh
Purnima Singh

Purnima is a business woman; she has been managing to take out time out of her continued engagements of managing business, supporting family, upbringing of her own child and devoting her precious time for the betterment of the society. She has been helping underprivileged kids since her early age of childhood.

She is regularly taking tours to identify the kids who are in need. She has been facilitating to the child education and physically challenged kids. She is the Event Director for the YUVA family and has been instrumental to the successfully execution of the events of the YUVA.

Director- Media Dheeraj Varma
Dheeraj Varma

Dheeraj possess almost 15+ year of experience in finance and media industry. He has been engaged in rendering social responsibilities since 10 years.

Due to his inclination towards social causes he opted career in media industry so that he can become the voice of the non self sufficient individuals of the society. He has contributed in various ways towards the society by raising their voice to the respective authorities of the government. He has been regularly helping poor and oppressed in his own way.

Amit Dubey - Director - Planning
Amit Dube

Amit is a working professional and is presently employed with Fullerton India Creidt Co. Ltd. at the capacity of Asst Vice President.

He possesses 18 years of work exposure with various national and multi- national brands. He also bagged world records during the Simhastha Marathon mass level events organized by him.

Director- Finanace Ganesh Singh
Ganesh Singh

Ganesh has worked closely with various government departments and have great understanding of the know-how of the government policies. He has been contributing his knowledge and efforts and is instrumental to facilitate the weaker section of society by assisting them to get the benefit of the government schemes.

Ganesh provides free counseling to the oppressed and underprivileged section of the society.

Dheeraj Dhaigude

Dhiraj is an Advocate by profession and having more than 15 Years of experience in various multinational organizations.
Since from early age he was associated with various social causes such as cancer care, and others, to help the indigent and needy people he started contributing in his own ways since Music is his passion and plays guitar also so he has contributed to various social causes and charity fund raising through music shows on various places.

He is an social activist and wanted to contribute to society in his own ways.
He having keen knowledge about various laws currently prevailing and do legal counselling for the deprived and dejected individuals to know their legal rights social and moral responsibilities.

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Cultural Activities

Power of Youth in India

Youth is the basic driving force of a country and in a country like India with around 65% youth population, the involvement of youth towards the developmental process is of great importance. The point is that young people has so much of potential that if they use it in constructive work they can lead our India in a path of continuous progress and if they use it in destructive work they may destroy their own and others life too. The youth are also expected to grow mentally and academically to be competent enough to play an important role in the prosperity of the nation. The dedication, hard work, innovativeness and quest of knowledge of the youth will not only help them to lead a satisfied life but will also be their contribution towards making India a superpower. Hence it is very important to realize the role of the youth in success story as well as to educate and motivate them towards the path of building a better India.

Team Yuva

"Our Mission is to make individuals "Kinder" and inspire for "kindness" & "Selfnessess" by educating them and making realize towards their piece of social responsibilities"